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Want More Fitness?

For most of our members three to five one-hour CrossFit classes a week is more than enough to drive constant progress in the strength, cardio and gymnastics departments and keep them happy and healthy.

With our focus on skill development and movement instruction in every single one of our classes during the week, we have watched our athletes for years rarely plateau as long as they’re attending class regularly and doing their part of eating well and doing some stretching at home.

However, we’ve also seen that there is a percentage of our membership that is looking for more.

Looking to get stronger, learn new skills and really excel at the Sport of Fitness (CrossFit) on top of just staying healthy and looking good.

If this sounds like you, then RX+ is right up your alley.

Extra Credit

Our RX+ program is an extra credit program for our athletes that want to step up their game.

When you sign up for RX+ you will get to choose or will be assigned a coach to help you crush your weaknesses, attack your goals and take your fitness to a whole new level.

After an initial in-person or phone consult where you establish areas that you’re looking to make improvement, your coach will write you 4-5 assignments each Sunday that should take 15-30 minutes to accomplish each day in the following week.

These workouts will be shared with you in a cloud based google sheet that you and your coach can both see and you will be asked to log your results.

Then, at the end of each week, your coach will check in with you and write new workouts to backfill the ones you completed from the week before.

If you do not complete a workout, it will be advanced to the next week of programming, so the more work you complete, the more new content you receive.

When can I do this work?

Since these assignments will all be strength, cardio or skill based, NOT CrossFit WODs, they can be accomplished during Open Gym, off to the side at Cróga during class time (if the coach of that class time gives you permission and there is space), outside the back door with minimal equipment (a rower, assault bike or squat rack/barbell/plates), or at the track.



No contract. Cancel any time.

Because we love seeing our athlete improve, think this type of work can really escalate the learning curve, and love having our athletes establish close relationships with our coaches we have decided to offer RX+ at a very competitive rate.

Got more questions or interested in signing up?

Email us at or ask your coach in your next class.