Outside The Box Schedule


Croga CrossFit’s Outside the Box Emergency Action Plan


“Outside the Box” is the Croga Fitness Emergency Action Plan (EAP) to support our community in the event that the benefits of training outside of our gym outweigh the benefits of exercising together inside of it. It is a predetermined plan in place so that if/when the decision is made to mobilize it, we are able to effectively communicate and carry it out for the greatest good of all our members, staff, families, and community.


As a community, we can maintain the vast majority of our fitness and wellness while training outside the gym. At the same time, we can ALSO do the right thing by helping our larger community to slow the spread of COVID-19 and give the most vulnerable in our population the best opportunity to have medical services available if and when they’re needed. It’s not about us.



Gym Closure: March 17th – TBD

Live Streaming and Video Recorded Workouts

To join, click the link below:

7 am CrossFit Class – Use this link Monday through Friday

9:30 am Ignite Class – Use this link Tuesday & Thursday

12 Noon Ignite Class – Use this link Monday, Wednesday & Friday

10 am Mobility – Use this link Saturday

Starting Monday, June 22nd

Live In-Person Socially Distanced Park Ignite Workouts

Location: Willow Street Frank Bramhall Park (Meet at picnic tables by Basketball Courts)

To join, sign up through Pike13 using link below:

Croga Schedule

Live In-Person Socially Distanced Park Ignite Ignite Workouts are included for current members, $20/class or $150 for 10-class punchcard for non-members

All are invited. No experience necessary. Just bring your own yoga mat, water and a positive attitude! We love making new friends and working out with great people.