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Emotions, Training & Preparation

Emotions, Training & Preparation

I recently read a short piece (link at the bottom) by a very well respected athlete & coach at OPEX (formerly OPT) named Robin Lyons.

In the piece she says a couple things that really got me thinking that I thought I’d share and then add a personal touch to.

First, she writes “Training and Coaching is not emotional, and the more I coach the more I realize how emotions get in the way of the plan.”

When I read this I immediately thought about all the emotions that we encounter throughout a day.

We inevitably bring them to the gym with us and they impact our performance and distract our minds from allowing our bodies to perform.

By letting our emotions from our lives outside the box or those that we feel as a result of doing good/ok/bad at the WOD impact our performance we are sabotaging ourselves.

A few sentences later Robin adds a piece of advice that I believe is the solution to this problem.

She writes, “Remember this: You are only the product of your averages.You are not as good as your best day or as bad as your worst day, you are the product of what you do each and every day over the time line you set.”

Because the law of averages applies to training, it is important to always try to minimize the bad days and maximize the good days as an athlete.

However, it is important to understand that they’re both going to occur and we need to be able to roll with the punches.

Celebrate the PR’s, the newly mastered movements and the days that you found the workout fun.

Do your best to minimize and let go of the sloppy reps, misses and WODs that just didn’t go your way.

To help improve your chances of a great training session make sure that when you come to the gym you’re setting yourself up to succeed. Leave anything/everything that could turn the WOD into a negative session at the door.

The best way to have more positive training sessions is to be prepared to succeed before class even starts.

Link to: “Emotional Limits” by Robin Lyons.

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