1547-40 Meridian Avenue, San Jose, CA 95125

1547-40 Meridian Avenue, San Jose, CA 95125

DWM Sun 6/22/14

DWM Sun 6/22/14

Sun 6/22/14:
Slept well the night before and was ready to rock for the competition, body felt good and wrist is still getting better, I’d say at about 90% now.

The WODs were actually completed in a different order than they were numbered, so I had to do them as follows with exactly 2 hours between the start times of WODs (10:15, 12:15 & 2:15).

WOD #3: Diane w/ 35 yard run between DL & HSPUs. 21-15-9: 225 lb Deadlifts & HSPUs
This WOD went great, I went unbroken the whole way and never really felt like I was going to fail at either movement. My time was 3:40, which was good for a tie for 6th, the fastest time was 2:58. The only place I could’ve gone faster was running between the stations, I jogged the first 2 and had to walk after that to make sure I stayed unbroken.

WOD #1: DB Thrusters, DB Snatches, Farmer’s Carry & Shuttle Run
35 Thrusters
Farmer’s Carry – 15 yards
Shuttle Run – 75 yards
30 Alt Snatches
Farmer’s Carry – 15 yards
Shuttle Run – 60 yards
25 Thrusters
Farmer’s Carry – 15 yards
Shuttle Run – 45 yards
20 Alt Snatches
Farmer’s Carry – 15 yards
Shuttle Run – 30 yards
15 Thrusters
Time – 9:51 (19th place)
This WOD was terrible, and by terrible, I mean it hurt. I stuck with my plan to bite off big chunks of the thrusters at a time so I didn’t have to clean the DBs too many times and this went well. Round of 35 I did 20-8-7, round of 25 I did 10-8-7, round of 15 I did 8-6-1. I got about 2 inches from locking out my left arm on the 15th rep, but couldn’t do it. I had to put them down, pick them back up and do an extra rep, which was pretty shitty, but at least it was at the end of the workout so I didn’t reach failure in the middle. I had trouble with my breathing during the snatches, and I had to break them into 15s (round of 30) & 10s (round of 20). The limiting factor in this WOD was definitely heart rate & breathing. If I did this again I could probably go sub-9 by pushing a little harder on the snatches.

WOD #2: C&J Ladder w/ Burpees. Weights progress 135,165,195,215,235,255,275,295,305,315
I was pretty crushed from the other 2 WODs when this one started, so I was a little worried, but it went well. I ended up making the 255 CnJ pretty easily with a Power Clean and I did 37 total burpees. I was worried about the jerk on 275, so I went hard on the burpees at 255 and I think that ended up burning my legs out just enough that I couldn’t stand up the 275. I caught it well and the pull felt good, but I dropped it and didn’t have time to go again. I knew 275 would be a stretch because this is my PR for C&J, so I think this was a good showing considering we did this last and I had to do burpees along the way.

All in all I think it was a pretty good showing. I finished 13th overall and I think the events were definitely skewed toward the bigger/stronger athletes and not the high skill well rounded athletes like myself. The only place I could really show off any skill was on the HSPUs and there was no pulling involved in the competition and also no long WODs.

It’s a little disappointing to finish outside the top-10, but I am proud of my Diane performance and also the CnJ at high heart-rate & fatigued from 2 other WODs.

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