1547-40 Meridian Avenue, San Jose, CA 95125

1547-40 Meridian Avenue, San Jose, CA 95125

DWM Sat 1/8/14 – Moxie Madness

DWM Sat 1/8/14 – Moxie Madness

Sat 1/8/14:
Woke up in the morning feeling good, not really tired or sore. Ate a big breakfast and headed down to the convention center with a venti coffee.

WOD 1:
1A: AMRAP in 2 Minutes – Max Hang Snatches, 135 lbs (23 reps, 23rd place)
I did sets of 5, then 1 set of 3 with about 10 seconds left. Grip was limiting factor.

1B: AMRAP in 2 Minutes – Max Hang to Shoulder, 155 lbs (26 reps, 20th)
I did sets of 5, then 1 extra rep right at the end. Grip was again limiting factor.

1C: AMRAP in 2 Minutes – Max Hang clean & Jerk, 185 lbs (9 reps, 16th)
I did 1 set of 2 and then singles. I was trying to bring the bar straight back to the hang and then up, but I kept losing my grip so I just started dropping it to the floor. I think I could’ve got 2 or 3 more reps here if I’d gone singles right from the start instead of trying to hit doubles.

4 Rounds For Max Reps:
1D: :30sec Max Pull Ups (Chin-ups, Pull-ups, C2B, Bar Muscle Ups) (48 reps, 18th)
Disappointed in this number, but I had trouble with the chin-ups because my right arm doesn’t rotate that direction well with the metal rod in it, especially when trying to get full extension and then kip. Also, the pull up bars were terrible, like as thin as a women’s barbell and slippery powder coated, so it was hard to grip after all the hang movements. Grip was again the limiting factor, but I cranked on the C2B & got 3 bar muscle ups, which helped me out when the other guys weren’t hitting reps.

1E: :30sec Max KB Snatches, 24kg (30 reps, 34th)
This was hands down my worst piece. It was very hard to hold the KB and I was struggling to get it overhead with little to no grip strength left. After round 1 didn’t go very well, I just tried to get a handful of reps each time and save myself a little for the box jumps because I knew I was killing guys on those.

1F: :30sec Max Box Jumps, 30″ (46 reps, 7th)
This was good. Never rested and rebounded all reps. Top score was 60, which is insane, but 2nd was 52 & 3rd was 49 reps, so I wasn’t far off. If I transition a little quicker I get a few more reps and get in the top 3 to 5.

(:30sec REST)

All in all, this WOD was killer. I was hurting bad by the end, but was still able to move pretty well. Grip was just gone.

WOD 2:
For Time: (15 Minute Time Cap)
30 Back Squats, 135/95# Teen/Masters- 115/85#
50 Bar Facing Burpees
25 Front Squats, 135/95# Teen/Masters-
40 Bar Facing Burpees
20 Overhead Squats, 135/95# Teen/Masters-
30 Bar Facing Burpees

My time – 13:47 (4th) Top 3 were 12:50, then 13:02 & 13:08. Only 11 guys finished this WOD inside the time cap.

Not much to say here except that I killed it. I went unbroken on the back squats as planned and then went for a quick unbroken 50 reps on the burpees. I was 2nd in my heat going into the Front Squats and this is where I took over and never looked back. I was on about rep 7 when I saw the guy ahead of me drop the bar at what I was pretty sure was rep 10. My legs still felt good so I went to 15, knowing I could pick it up and get the last 10. I did that and he had to go 8-7 to finish, so I was 5 burpees or so into the 40 when he got on it. I then went 10-10 on the overhead squats and finished strong on the last 30 burpees.

WOD 3:
AMRAP in 12 Minutes
10 Deadlifts, 205/155# Teen/Masters- 185/135#
20 Double Unders
60yd Suicide
15 Deadlifts, 205/155# Teen/Masters- 185/135#
30 Double Unders
60yd Suicide
20 Deadlifts, 205/155# Teen/Masters- 185/135#
40 Double Unders
60yd Suicide
25 Deadlifts, 205/155# Teen/Masters- 185/135#
50 Double Unders
60yd Suicide
30 Deadlifts, 205/155# Teen/Masters- 185/135#
60 Double Unders
60yd Suicide
…And so on until “Time” is called

I got 341 reps, which was 11 deadlifts into the round of 35. I thought this was going to be a pretty good score, maybe top 10 or 15, but that’s not the way it shook out. However, I looked at the standings and all the way up to 7th place was in the same round as me, so I wasn’t too far behind. In this WOD literally every rep mattered. Like we discussed I hit the deadlifts in sets of 5, except round 1. I did the first 2 rounds of DUs unbroken, then went 20-20 with a short rest for the 40. Then I had to go 20-10-10-10 to get to 50 with much longer rest and then 20-10-10-10-10-10 to get to 60 with even longer rest. Not sure why the DUs were so hard cardiovascularly, but my breathing was the limiting factor, not the jumping. I wasn’t missing reps, I was stopping on purpose because I couldn’t breath.

Final Standings: 13th Place. I think this was a good showing for me, but not a great one. I beat a couple NorCal regional athletes from 2013, which made me happy and I did it in events that I think overall favored a bigger athlete. I think I should’ve done better on the pull ups and the KB snatches in WOD 1 & a little bit better would have made a huge difference in WOD 3.

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