1547-40 Meridian Avenue, San Jose, CA 95125

1547-40 Meridian Avenue, San Jose, CA 95125

DWM Sat 11/8/14

DWM Sat 11/8/14

Sat 11/8/14:
Slept 9.5 hours on Fri night. Felt kinda sore in the quads & biceps after all the lunges and pull-ups the last 2 days. Nothing major, just a note.

I 10
C 10
E 10

This was the best training session I’ve had since the wedding & honeymoon. Really happy with the work & results.

A. Squat Snatch – 10 reps for time @ 155; rest 3min x3
The technique was good, not great, but I was really happy with my ability to hit the first 2 sets of 10 in 5-3-2, especially because I have 2 rips in the palms of both hands and had to use the gloves to lift. The times in seconds were 52-49-64. I missed the first rep on the 3rd set (too much forward momentum on the bar, not vertical enough). Videos are below:
Set 1:

Set 2:

Set 3:

B. Strict HSPU – 50 Reps for time
These were tougher than expected. This is a prime example of where being a little heavier doesn’t help. Also, I accidentally did 48 reps instead of 50, counted wrong in the middle. My time for 48 reps was 4:45. Video below:

Deadlift @ 225#
Row Cals
As discussed yesterday, no back problems during this WOD, which is extremely encouraging. I’ll keep working that upper glute & TFL. Grip was an issue with my ripped hands, but I’m not sure fresh hands would’ve made me any faster because my legs were pretty crushed from this. Time was 7:10. Video below:

Core Circuit
C1. Wall-facing HS Hold – 3 x 60sec; rest 20sec
Shoulder fatigue was the limiting factor.
C2. Hollow-body Rocks – 3 x AMSAP; rest 20sec
Scores were 33-33-38
C3. Arch Body Rocks – 3 x AMSAP; rest 20sec
Scores were 20-22-23
C4. Side Plank – 3 x AMSAP; rest 2min
Limiting factor here was my shoulders, not abs.
Scores were:
Right: 56-43-36
Left: 61-52-48
Not much to report on this core circuit. These things add up and are difficult as always, but I know they’re good for me. The hardest one is the arch body rocks.
Video below:

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