1547-40 Meridian Avenue, San Jose, CA 95125

1547-40 Meridian Avenue, San Jose, CA 95125

DWM Fri 2/21/14

DWM Fri 2/21/14

Fri 2/21/14:
Slept well last night and took a good nap today, but my legs felt kind of heavy today, not really sure why after a solid rest day yesterday. The rest of my body felt good and I felt rested.
A. Squat Snatch – build to heavy single; rest as needed
This felt really good at the start and I really wanted to hit 235 today, which didn’t happen but I was extremely close. After watching all the lifts, I am still lifting my butt to fast and not keeping my chest high enough. The lifts felt good, but didn’t look as good as I thought. As I said, I really wanted that 235, so I think I ended up doing too many lifts here and it ended up hurting me during part B. I did 2 lifts at 135, 2 lifts at 165, 2 lifts at 185, 2 lifts at 205, 2 lifts at 215, 7 lifts at 225 (only made 1), and 5 lifts at 235 (never made one, but had all of them overhead, I just couldn’t lock my shoulders & elbows to stand it up).






B. Squat Snatch – 6 x 5 reps for time @ 90% of “A”; rest 3min b/t sets
90% of 225 should have been 205 lbs, but I tried doing this 3 different times and only made 1 out of 7 lifts. Because of this I ended up dropping the weight to 185, which is 82% of 225 lbs. This was still difficult and I got better as I went by focusing more on keeping my chest high throughout each lift. My times were 1:49 (missed 1 rep), 1:55 (almost killed myself on 1 missed rep), 1:16, 1:03, 1:02, 1:03 & 0:54.
Round 1:

Round 2:

Round 3:

Round 4:

Round 5:

Round 6:

100 Double-unders
12 S2O @ 185#
75 Double-unders
8 S2O @ 185#
50 Double-unders
4 S2O @ 185#
25 Double-unders
2 S2O @ 185#
The first couple sets of double unders were difficult because I kept hitting a little lip in our flooring. I figured that out after the 100 & the 75 and didn’t miss any reps after that, but had to break the round of 50 into 20-20-10. The shoulder-to-overhead was difficult for the round of 12, but I’m getting better at being more consistent and cranking them out, which showed in the later sets.

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