Will Lifting Weights Make Me Bulky?

Will Lifting Weights Make Me Bulky?

Cróga PSA: For the Ten-Thousandth Time…Lifting Weights DOES NOT make you “bulky”

Before we get started, I must warn you, hearing someone say “I don’t lift weights because I don’t want to get bulky, I just want to be toned” is probably the number one thing that makes my skin crawl when chatting with people about fitness.

So, with that said, don’t be surprised if I’m a tad animated in my post below.

For months now I’ve followed a guy named Ben Bruno on Instagram, you can check out his account here: @benbrunotraining

I’m not exactly sure how I started following him, but if you sift through his profile you’ll see that he trains some professional athletes.

The thing that might stand out to you though, and how he relates to this blog post, is that he is a bit of a “celebrity trainer” and he works with a few ladies you might recognize, @kateupton, @barbarafialho1, & @chelseahandler.

What might also stand out to you is that his approach with these ladies is one that we strongly believe in, but is not the norm or what most people would expect. He has them squatting, deadlifting and moving heavy weights.

One of his recent posts is spot on with a conversation we’ve had with prospective and existing clients (male & female) hundreds, if not thousands, of times and we almost always answer the same way as Ben Bruno does.

So, ladies, and gentlemen, please stop falling into the cardio web of lies you’ve been fed for years and lift some weights.

And I’m not talking little tiny weights while sitting on a bike at the end of a spin class, they’re just doing that to trick you into thinking they offer weight training too.

And I’m also not talking about high rep, low weight circuit training thrown into your workout between trips to the treadmill, you’re not getting any stronger or leaner by doing that.

I’m talking about squatting, deadlifting, pressing and pulling things that feel heavy and doing it weekly.

Getting stronger WILL NOT make you bigger or bulkier, just see the girls below who do this if you don’t believe me.

Kate Upton:

Barbara Fialho:

Chelsea Handler:


P.S. If you want to come learn how to lift weights correctly and safely, we’d love to have you at @CrogaCrossFit. If you don’t live here or you don’t want to come to Cróga, please, find someone else to teach you how to move correctly and safely and lift something heavy. For the 1,000,000th time: YOU WILL NOT GET BULKY.