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Whole30 Day One: Goals and Resources

Whole30 Day One: Goals and Resources

Hi Cróga Family,

Coach Kelly here – wanted to check in to see how everyone is feeling during the first day of the Whole30. So far I’ve enjoyed banana nut porridge, mashed sweet potatoes and chili. Nom. I know the first day can seem overwhelming – but I promise if you make it through day 16 – it’s all down hill from there.

The first day is also the perfect day to set your intentions for this month. If you signed up for the Whole30 Daily, you should have receive a couple worksheets on your day zero (yesterday). One worksheet in particular that was (and still is) helpful for me is the “Self-Evaluation Goal-Setting” exercise.

We encourage you to NOT skip this step – goal-setting is incredibly important for a variety of reasons:

  • Gives You Clarity. How are you supposed to achieve your dreams and visions if you don’t clearly spell out the outcome you desire? Setting your goals gives you clarity on what you ultimately want, and ensures that you are channeling your time, energy and efforts into things that really matter to the success of your program.
  • Drives You Forward. The point when you set goals marks one the points when you are most connected with your source of motivation. Goals are the fuel which drive you forward and keep you going when the going gets tough.
  • Gives You Focus. Goals give you a focal point on which to place your attention, and what exactly to spend your time and energy on. Think of your time, energy and efforts as input, and results as the output. A goal acts as your funnel, which guides and channels those inputs effectively into your desired output.
  • Holds You Accountable. Setting a specific goal gives you clarity on whether you are living up against what you committed yourself to do when you first set your goal.This accountability is accountability to yourself, not anyone else. When you stay accountable toward your goals, you are in fact staying true to your desires.
  • Be The Best You Can Be. Without goals, you subject yourself to the natural, default set of actions that keep you feel safe and comfortable every day. But this familiarity is the nemesis of growth. By setting goals, you set targets that make you venture into new places, new contexts, new situations–and growth.

Want to see my goal from the month (based on the 9 factors of optimal health)?

  1. Nutrition:  I will try two new Whole30-friendly recipes each week.
  2. Sleep:  I will try to be in bed by 10:30 p.m. every night.
  3. Stress Management: I will go for a brisk afternoon walk at work three times per week.
  4. Exercise:  I will attend spin class at least one day per week and WOD at least three times per week
  5. Active Recovery:  I will attend a yoga class at least one day per week.
  6. Injury Rehab:  I will continue my finger/hand rehab exercises every day and see Dr. Lisa Lynch at Rose Garden Health one day per week.
  7. Fun and Play:  Our family will spend time with friends, other family members and take Murph to the dog park four weekend days during the month.
  8. Personal Growth:  I will start and finish Lean In during my Whole30.
  9. Temperance:  I will not watch television during the week nights.

Pretty nifty goals – and call me a nerd, but there’s something about putting a pen to paper (or in this case type words on a blog) that makes these goals feel more official.

Everyone will rock this! Stay tuned for more check-ins like the video below throughout the month:

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