1547-40 Meridian Avenue, San Jose, CA 95125

1547-40 Meridian Avenue, San Jose, CA 95125

Travel & CrossFit

Travel & CrossFit

Summer is here and with that comes vacation!

A couple people have already asked me what they can do while they’re on vacation to stay in shape while they’re away, so I thought I’d put something together on our website that everyone can reference for future.

#1. Go to the CrossFit Affiliate Map and see if there is a CrossFit box that is close to where you’re going to be staying. Many times if you email the gym before your visit they’ll either let you workout for free or pay a small drop-in fee of $20 or less or ask you to buy one of their t-shirts, which Kelly and I do at every box we go to anyway.

In fact, Kelly stopped by CrossFit DUMBO in Brooklyn, NY yesterday. She couldn’t work out because it was in the middle of the work day, but she got to meet the owner and he was a really nice guy.

Coach Kelly and Darren (Owner of CF DUMBO)
Coach Kelly and Darren (Owner of CF DUMBO)

#2. Check out this awesome list of Travel WODs from CrossFit Durham. They do not require any equipment and are perfect for a quick workout while on vacation.

Two of our members, Ben & Kristen Petty, are in Hawaii right now and they did 3 Rounds: run 400m, 50 air squats & 25 push ups yesterday all while enjoying the view.


#3. If you want to use the vacation as a time to relax and let your body recover, do your best to eat well and still get your body moving a little. Go for a walk, jog, hike or bike ride and enjoy the outdoors or do some exploring. Do some exercising in a setting where you’re not thinking of it as exercise and I promise you will have a great time and feel even better after.

Do you guys have any other ideas of things you can do on vacation or work trips to stay healthy? Post them to the comments!

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