SkinnyTaste One & Done Cookbook

Welcome to the Croga CrossFit SkinnyTaste Cookbook Recipe Guide

Below is a list of all the Croga Staff & Croga Nutrition client favorites.

We hope you enjoy them!

Let us know if you try one we don’t have on the list and love and we’ll make sure to add it. You can email us at


Note: We have not made every recipe in the cookbook, so don’t just stick to the list below.

Additional Note: We have also not made anything in this cookbook that was bad, so you should definitely try anything/everything that piques your interest.
And finally, here is an amazing recipe that is not in the cookbook, but is on the Skinnytaste website:


Open-Face French Onion Burgers (pg 71) (THESE ARE AMAZING!!!). The onions take awhile though, so this one isn’t fast


  • Crispy Chicken Schnitzel Dinner (75). We had this tonight, it’s super freaking good and easy.
  • Giant Turkey Meatball Parm (94). I just make regular spaghetti in a separate pot with this and heat the extra sauce on the side, then put it all on one plate.
  • Petite Meatloaf Dinner (97). Love this and it’s easy.

Instant Pot (this is our favorite way to cook and all of these make good leftovers)

  • Turkey Cheeseburger Soup (140). I use a hand blender and a bowl to blend the cauliflower. Makes for much easier cleanup and you don’t have to worry about the steam like you do with a regular blender.
  • Instant Spaghetti and Meat Sauce (143). This is the one I already sent you. I love it with beef instead of turkey, but they’re both good
  • Quickest Gnocchi Bolognese (147). Kelly loves gnocchi and this is one of her favorites
  • American-Style cheesy beef goulash and macaroni (152). super good and easy and good leftovers.
  • Beef, tomato and Acini di Pepe Soup (155). We have this almost every week in the winter. We’re having it tomorrow. It’s insanely good.

Air Fryer

  • We had one of these and it broke.
  • It has not been replaced and we don’t really miss it.
  • Her recipes were good, but I’m not sold on all the hype over air fryers, they take too much work compared to an instant pot

Dutch Oven

  • Creamy butternut pasta with spicy sausage and spinach (215). Not the fastest recipe, but super good. Made it last week and really enjoyed it, I’ll do it again, but probably not on a weekday because it requires me to man the stove, which can be hard when i’m also watching the baby because Kelly isn’t home from work yet.
  • Cheesy turkey taco chili mac (223). SUPER GOOD and great for leftovers. Had it last week. Kelly and I think next time we’ll leave out the pasta and then just put everything else inside a tortilla and eat it like a burrito.
  • Caramalized onion soup with caulfower and melted gruyere (228). This is like a healthier french onion soup. It’s super good, but takes forever.

Slow Cooker

  • Tex-Mex Turkey Tacos (261). Probably the easiest recipe in the book and super good.
  • Pot Roast (262). This is great and easy.