What is the PR Liftoff?

The PR Liftoff is an all-inclusive, friendly, old school CrossFit throwdown style weightlifting meet co-hosted by Croga CrossFit, CrossFit Almaden and CrossFit Watsonville with the goal of posting as many PRs (Personal Records) as possible and raising money for a good cause in the process.

What do you mean "all-inclusive, friendly, old school CrossFit throwdown style weightlifting meet"?

The weightlifting portion of the event will be casual and fun in nature (our “rules” are below) and the event as a whole will be more of an opportunity to socialize and enjoy yourselves than it will be to “prove your fitness”.

Each registered lifter will get 3 chances at both the Snatch and Clean & Jerk, but there will be no minimum experience or minimums on weight lifted, we just want to see you push your limits and reach new heights!

  • There will be NO weight classes.
  • There will be NO trophies or leaderboards.
  • You will NOT be required to wear a singlet.
  • Press-outs WILL be allowed.

And, there WILL be beer and wine and food and fun (beer and wine for spectators during lifting and for athletes after, please).

You mentioned "rules". What are they?

We’re keeping it super simple and fun. The rules are as follows:

  1. 3 Snatches and 3 Clean & Jerks per lifter
  2. Lifts will happen in order of weight on the barbell and once weight is added to the bar, it will not go backward
  3. All 3 weights must be decided before first lifter starts, BUT, if you miss you are allowed to erase a heavier weight and re-attempt the same weight you just attempted
  4. If a lift would be considered a good rep at the CrossFit Games, it’ll be considered good at The PR Liftoff
  5. Have Fun and don’t take yourself to seriously

Sweet, sounds awesome! When & where is it?

March 28th, 2020 from 9 am – 2 pm @ CrossFit Almaden

  • Athlete registration will start at 8 am
  • Lifting will take place from 9-12 pm
  • Eating, drinking and socializing from 12-2pm

What's the charity we're supporting?

All profit will be donated to The Cathy Minutillo Foundation for Small Cell Lung Cancer to help fund awareness initiatives (60% of people diagnosed with SCLC are non-smokers) and fund innovative research to deliver a viable treatment option for small cell lung cancer

Great! What's the cost and how do I register?

Lifters are $25 + transaction fees

Spectators are $10 + transaction fees

You can register as an athlete or a spectator here: PR Liftoff Registration Page

*All registered athletes will get 3 attempts at Snatch and 3 attempts at Clean & Jerk + an athlete goodie bag that will include a “athlete” t-shirt.*

**We are starting with 25 male/25 female lifters. If the response is positive, we may expand the number of registered athletes**

I'm not interested in lifting this time, but I'd love to come watch, how do I do that?

Spectator tickets are available here

*100% of Spectator Ticket Sales go to The Cathy Minutillo Foundation*

Anything else I should know about this awesome event?

Like we mentioned above, our goal is to make this a fun day for everyone that attends.

We’ll have all your favorite local functional fitness brands on-site to show off their latest and greatest gear so you can grab a new jump rope or t-shirt.

We’ve got a brewery, a winery, a coffee shop, and some food trucks all lined up to make it a fun afternoon too!

And, we’ll be selling raffle tickets for some cool prize bags with all the money going to charity too!

If you work for or have a friend that works for a business that wants to have a table/tent, we’d love to get them signed up, please have them email prliftoff@crogacrossfit.com

I can't make it that day, but I'd love to show my support, how can I do that?

Head straight to The Cathy Minutillo Foundation for Small Cell Lung Cancer website and make a donation in the name of The PR Liftoff and we’ll add it to our total of funds raised.