1547-40 Meridian Avenue, San Jose, CA 95125

1547-40 Meridian Avenue, San Jose, CA 95125

March Member of the Month: Doug

March Member of the Month: Doug

March 2014 Member of the Month: Doug L

Doug Thruster

When we first met Doug, it was obvious that he took good care of himself and enjoyed working out. We saw that he was coordinated, athletic and driven and we were very excited to see what he would be capable of with some coaching and our programming. So far the results have been outstanding and with only 7 months of CrossFit under his belt, we’re just starting to crack the surface.

Here’s a little Q&A with the Doug:

Dave (DWM): When did you join Cróga?

Doug (DL): I I joined in September of 2013.

DWM: What were you doing before for fitness?

DL: Before CrossFit, I was just running to try to stay in shape. I had tried P90X, Insanity and things like that, but I got bored quickly, lost motivation and eventually stopped. I was in decent cardio shape from the running, but had lost the muscle tone I used to have. As I turned 40, I was afraid that I would never again be in what would be considered “good shape.” It was depressing. I started doing CrossFit at another local box in June 2013 at the urging of my wife, who knew that I was not happy, but still had the potential to get in shape. It was okay, but I was turned off by the large class sizes and lack of instruction on the technical stuff. I knew I would like CrossFit, but I needed a different box for me. Then I discovered Cróga, and I knew I had found the right box. From the beginning, Dave and Kelly provided me with the kind of one-on-one coaching that I needed to learn the technical movements, and to get in shape without hurting myself. It also didn’t hurt that it was less than a mile from my house!

DWM: What improvements have you seen in the way you look feel and perform?

DL: CrossFit at Cróga has changed my life. I have gotten myself back into the shape that I was in in my twenties–I’m in the best shape since college, when I lifted and played sports. And because of this, I feel so much better about myself psychologically. It has improved not only my fitness, but also my overall happiness. I’m better at work, a better husband and a better father. I really can’t say enough about it. And, I had a blood test done in late January, and my cholesterol had dropped from 206 the previous year to 158. And my Triglycerides dropped in half. No wonder I am feeling better!

DWM: What’s your favorite WOD?

DL: My favorite WOD would be something that hits my strengths—running, front squats, shoulder press and some sit-ups. What’s that one called? I’ll call it “The Dougie.”

DWM: What’s your least favorite WOD?

DL: Anything with Overhead Squats in it. I need to work on my ankle and shoulder flexibility!

DWM: What do you love about CrossFit?

DL: I love that it involves other people, and that it has a competitive nature to it. I’ve got great Coaches and I get to compete against great people every class. Those coaches and people hold me accountable. It’s what gets me up in the morning to go to class. If I miss, I feel like I’m letting others down. Exactly what I need to stay motivated!

DWM: What’s been your favorite culinary discovery since joining Cróga?

DL: My favorite culinary discovery has to be a new way of eating. I did the Whole 30 on my own in January and lost 12 pounds. But more than that, I felt great! I wasn’t hungry between meals like I always have been, and my body felt better than ever. I’ve stuck with most Whole 30 principles since then, and am still feeling great!

DWM: What’s your biggest fitness goal for 2014?

DL: My early goal was to compete in the CrossFit Games Open and to finish in 50th percentile or higher. Even after a rough start with Snatches, Double-Unders and Overhead Squats, three of my worst movements, I was able to finish in the 59th percentile overall and the 65th percentile for my age group. Next year, I’m shooting for the 75th percentile in my age group. My goal for the rest of the year is to work on my weaknesses and be able to do all movements that I might see in a CrossFit competition. Gotta get a Muscle-Up!

DWM: What words of advice do you have for new members or people considering joining Cróga CrossFit?

DL: Just do it, it will change your life. It really doesn’t take that much time (classes are only an hour) and you will get the most intense workouts of your life. And that intensity leads to results. And Dave and Kelly are the best coaches around and really care about their members. The Box feels like a family.

DWM: Row 1,000,000 meters or do 50,000 wall balls?

DL: Wow! That’s a tough one. I’ll row the million meters, as long as I don’t have to hit it exactly like Rowling!

DWM: Anything to add that we didn’t touch on yet?

DL: Funny story about my first real WOD at Cróga. It involved Deadlifts, and I was still using my “un-coached” form from my previous Box, especially when I got tired. About halfway through the WOD, I lost concentration on my form and I hurt my low back and couldn’t finish. I had to lay down on the floor! I was so embarrassed in front of Dave and Kelly, and that has been extra motivation for me to prove my potential to them (and myself). Fast forward six months, and Deadlifts are now one of my strengths, and my low back feels better than it has in years. And more importantly, since Dave won’t let me use bad form, I have been injury free since!

Congratulations, Doug, you really are someone to look up to as an athlete, husband and father. We enjoy having you as part of our community and look forward to watching you crush milestone after milestone during 2014 and beyond!

Doug Tired

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