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Go Harder

Go Harder

I was on instagram the other day floating around when I saw a quote from a guy named Tommy Hackenbruck that really got me thinking. Now, before I spill on beans on what he said, I want you to understand who this guy is.

Tommy has been at the top of the CrossFit world consistently since he finished #2 at the 2009 CrossFit Games (his first year competing). He has led his affiliate team, Hack’s Pack, to two CrossFit Games Affiliate Championships (2012 & 2013). He has finished in the top 10 at the CrossFit Games three of the four times he competed as an individual (2nd in 2009, 9th in 2010 & 6th in 2014). And before he found CrossFit, he was the starting middle linebacker for the 2004 undefeated University of Utah football team that won the Fiesta Bowl.

Tommy Hackenbruck

I feel pretty safe saying that Tommy knows a thing or two about fitness, intensity, achieving results, competing, and performing well.

With all that in mind, I want you to think about this very simple response he gave a friend that told him the workout they were about to do was going to be too easy.

Tommy said, “You don’t need a harder workout, you just need to go harder in your workout.”

This is something that I think we all need a reminder of from time to time.

We need to remember that high intensity is where we achieve results.

If you come in to the box and look at the board and think the workout looks easy, then we want you to go hard and then when it gets tough, GO HARDER!

That means when you start to get short of breath, don’t go grab a cup of water, you probably don’t need it during a 10 minute workout if you did what you were supposed to and hydrated throughout the day. Move a little slower, but continue moving.

Just because the coach lets you get your water, doesn’t mean they don’t notice and know that you’re really getting it because you need air.

That also means that when the weights are a 1/2 inch away from the inside collar because you dropped them from overhead, don’t go fix both sides, that 1/2 inch isn’t going to impact your next lift at all, pick the bar up and do another rep.

When the weight is 1 inch from falling completely off the collar you should fix it, now you might actually have a problem.

Oh, and when you’re doing burpees, air squats, push ups, sit ups, double unders, box jumps, etc., YOU DON’T NEED CHALK.

Skip the trip to the bucket, get a big deep breath and then keep moving.

Even if you’re moving slower than you did at the beginning of the workout, if you’re still completing reps you’re headed in the right direction.

When you’re getting water, fixing your plates, grabbing chalk, spitting outside, getting a paper towel to wipe your face, standing in front of the fan, or laying on the ground mid-burpee you’re just catching your breath.

We know that catching your breath is a necessity from time to time. That’s why we allow you to do all of these things without screaming and yelling that you’re not allowed to. But, do yourself a favor and try to minimize the wasting of time on these often unnecessary activities.

You came to the gym to work hard and get better, not to drink a bunch of water and make a mess with chalk.

GO HARDER and enjoy the results that come with the increased level of intensity.

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