Experienced CrossFitter


Been working out at another CrossFit box and want to join Cróga CrossFit? We’d love to have you!

“Doing CrossFit before” means you’ve done the introductory course at another CrossFit Gym and then you were an active member there for at least 3 months.

“My buddy showed me some moves in his garage,” or “I’ve watched all the videos online” are great but we still suggest you complete our Start-Up program if that’s the extent of your experience.

For people with CrossFit experience looking for a new gym to call home, we offer 2 free classes.

Head over to our schedule, decide on the class you’d like to attend and shoot us a note to let us know when we can expect you (Info@CrogaFitness.com).

Then, arrive for class a few minutes early, introduce yourself to the coach and they’ll have you fill out a waiver and get you set up with those free classes.

We’ll walk you through how we do things at Cróga CrossFit and get you a great first workout in our facility.

If you like us, sign up for a membership and start coming to class regularly.

It’ll be the best decision you’ve ever made for your health and fitness!


Click below to schedule a time to come on in to Cróga, meet a coach, see our space, share your goals and learn the best way to get started with CrossFit in a no pressure environment.