1547-40 Meridian Avenue, San Jose, CA 95125

1547-40 Meridian Avenue, San Jose, CA 95125

Epic Series – Northern California

Epic Series – Northern California

Hey Cróganites, who’s looking for a fun local obstacle race to participate in this fall? We’ve got some friends over at Epic Series putting on a really cool event at San Jose State at the beginning of November. Check out the information below and let us know if you decide to participate so we can get throw on the green shirts and come to cheer you on.

The EPIC Series is coming to San Jose November 8th and NorCal will be repping hard! What is the EPIC Series you ask… a first of its kind “Functional Fitness Obstacle Course” surrounded by vendors, craft beer, good food and good friends! http://epicseries.co

From Beginner to Beast: The EPIC Series is for ALL athletes: The “Race” course includes but is definitely not limited to: Keg carries, Fingals Fingers (aka “Glory Poles”), Bangerz, 6ft walls, Tire Flips and so much more. The race course can be scaled so ALL athletes can take part. And for all you Beasts out there, there is the competitive Elite division: (Championship Belt anyone?) encompassing the “Race” course and a second AMRAP workout including a Tractor Pull (Yes a frikkin tractor pull), Atlas stones, Yolks, Farmers carries and way WAY more… Did we mention the “most epic amongst us” walks away with a kick ass championship belt?

The team event: have at least 10 in your group and you get your own heat. Top 5 “race” times are put towards the team championship and the top team walks away with bragging rights, an EPIC (an obscenely large trophy) and some super sweet swag.

Check out the EPIC Series here: http://epicseries.co and be sure to use the code “epicgoat25” for a 25% discount.

Embrace your goat with GoatApparel in Vendor Alley or check em out now: http://www.goat-apparel.com/

Now lets get out there and be EPIC!

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