1547-40 Meridian Avenue, San Jose, CA 95125

1547-40 Meridian Avenue, San Jose, CA 95125

DWM Tues 5/6/14

DWM Tues 5/6/14

Tues 5/6/14:
Woke up feeling pretty good this morning, I got 7.5 hours of solid sleep last night, Murph didn’t wake me up for the first time in a few weeks. Body felt good, quads were a little tight from yesterday, but that’s all the major soreness.

A. Power Snatch – 1 tough rep every 20sec x6; rest 2min x3
I struggled during the first round of 6 at 165 lbs, it just wasn’t feeling good. I decided to go up in weight anyway because I felt stronger, so I hit 175 in the second round and these felt a lot better. I then went to 185 and I started to lose the bar forward a bit, but I still made all the reps. My back position looks like it’s getting better here, but I think I need to drive up more rather than forward with my hips to keep the bar closer. Videos below:



B. Muscle-up – 4-5 UB reps on the min for 8 sets
This went pretty well. Started great, ended ok. I got 5 reps for the first 5 rounds. I then got 4 reps in round 6, 3 reps in round 7 & 4 reps again in round 8. Video below:

AMRAP UB Stirct Pull-ups
Rest 2min
*no rest b/t Pull-ups/HSPU
This was difficult and my arms were totally blown up by the end, but I did 63 total HSPUs & 54 total pull-ups. I was surprised at how hard the strict HSPUs were, but after all those muscle ups, I guess that’s a little to be expected. Videos & score per round below:
Round 1(13/13):

Round 2(14/10):

Round 3(10/9):

Round 4(10/8):

Round 5(8/7):

Round 6(8/7):

400m Farmers Carry @ 2pood ea hand
This was very hard and my grip was definitely the limiting factor. I made it about 100-125m before I set the KBs down, but after that the distance I covered each time I picked them up got smaller and smaller, down to about 10m at the end. My legs, upper arms/traps & breathing still had more at the end, this was purely a grip strength problem. My time was 5:25.

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