1547-40 Meridian Avenue, San Jose, CA 95125

1547-40 Meridian Avenue, San Jose, CA 95125

DWM Tues 1/7/14

DWM Tues 1/7/14

Tues 1/7/14:
The knee is better again today. I went to see my chiropractor this morning and she worked on my quad, IT band, popliteus muscle. It feels even better and I’m icing again tonight. I felt good after yesterday, just a tiny bit of soreness in my triceps, but pretty mild.

4x @ 85%
400m Run
6 Clean & Jerk @ 185#
12 Burpees
Rest 3min b/t sets

This went well, I tried my best to take the cleans directly into the jerk instead of 2 separate movements to save time. I’d say I did about 3/4 of them that way and the others I did as 2 separate movements because the catch was either bad or it just didn’t feel right. On the 4th round run I started to taste my lunch so I slowed it down a tad so I didn’t puke.
Round 1 – 3:12
Round 2 – 9:27 (3:15)
Round 3 – 15:46 (3:19)
Round 4 – 22:08 (3:22)

4x @ 85%
6 Power Snatch @ 155#
12 T2B
Rest 3min b/t sets

This one went really well too. I don’t know exactly how long I rested between the 2 WODs, but it was between 6 & 8 minutes I think. Had to feel out the first round of snatches, but they went pretty smooth after that. I hit all the T2B unbroken, which made me happy. I know it’s not a ton of them, but I’ve been working on my technique for T2B for a few months now whenever they’re in a WOD and they felt really good today.
Round 1 – 2:55
Round 2 – 8:50 (2:55)
Round 3 – 14:42 (2:52)
Round 4 – 20:35 (2:53)

I forgot to load the video to my computer before I left the gym today, so I’ll have to load them tomorrow for you.

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