1547-40 Meridian Avenue, San Jose, CA 95125

1547-40 Meridian Avenue, San Jose, CA 95125

DWM Thurs 8/14/15

DWM Thurs 8/14/15

Thurs 8/14/15:
Slept about 7 hours like night, wish it was longer, but I took a 45 minute nap around 4:30 and I think that’s why I couldn’t get to sleep as early as I would’ve liked. I’m about to take another short nap right now though, so I’ll add another 30 or 45 minutes to that today.

I 10
C 9
E 10

The training session today was good. Concentration lacked a little between 3RM snatch sets as I rested to full recovery, but I did a good job of refocusing for each set.

A. Squat Snatch – build to TnG 3RM; rest as needed
This went well, I hit a solid 205 and failed at 215. My grip/hands were pretty smoked by the time I was at 215 and I think that was the problem more than the movement itself. Videos of all lifts below:







Snatch (any-way) @ 165
Burpee Box Over @ 30″
This was awesome. I hit all the snatches as singles without a miss, I went unbroken on the MUs easily and the burpee box jump overs were no problem. I was happy with my ability to go right back to the bar and hit 165 as a power snatch right off the box each round and I was also happy with the fact that I had no trouble on the MUs. Time was 5:08. Video below:

Skill/Prep for Team comp as needed
I swam 6 or 8 50m laps yesterday as my skill prep. We have a 400m team relay in the event so it was good to get some swimming in. No real problem here, we should do well as a team on the swim. It has been years since I’ve swam for speed any distance more than 10m just trying to get to a ball or something floating in the pool before someone else, so I was happy with how I did.

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