1547-40 Meridian Avenue, San Jose, CA 95125

1547-40 Meridian Avenue, San Jose, CA 95125

DWM Thurs 7/3/14

DWM Thurs 7/3/14

Thurs 7/3/14:
Slept a solid 8 hours last night because I didn’t have to coach the AM classes. Body felt a little tight, but overall pretty good, nothing that was going to slow me down. Wrist is getting better, I’d say it’s like 90% now.

A. Drop Snatch – 6 x 2; rest 90sec (light-mod)
These went well, I could definitely feel my wrist in the catch, but it wasn’t terrible. I just tried to let myself settle in the bottom before standing up. I did 3 sets at 165 & 3 sets at 185. 185 was definitely moderate, it might’ve been more on the heavy side. Videos below:
Set 1(165):

Set 2(165):

Set 3(165):

Set 4(185):

Set 5(185):

Set 6(185):

B. Bnk Snatch Grip Push Press – 7 HEAVY singles; rest as needed (blocks)
These were interesting, another first for me. I found that I bit off a little more than I could chew right at the beginning. I did a couple lighter sets including 185 and then I jumped straight to 225. I made the first one on the second attempt and I missed both attempts on set 2. I brought it back to 205, did a couple, then 215, then 225 again and then tried for 235 where I failed. Videos below:
Set 1(225):

Set 2(225F):

Set 3(205):

Set 4(215):

Set 5(215):

Set 6(225):

Set 7(235F):

EMOM for 10min
5 Deadlift @ 155# + 5 Burpees + 5 Box Jumps @ 24″
This was pretty easy, but you know I like these movements. I tried to push the intensity here and go as hard as possible during each set and I was happy with the result. It would’ve been really easy to just float through this one, but pushing the pace made it a little more difficult. Video below:

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