1547-40 Meridian Avenue, San Jose, CA 95125

1547-40 Meridian Avenue, San Jose, CA 95125

DWM Thurs 7/31/14

DWM Thurs 7/31/14

Thurs 7/31/14:
I slept 6.5 hours on Wednesday night, but I took a 2 hour nap that day as well, so that was good. Body felt good on Thursday morning. Left wrist started acting up again during the snatches, but with it taped it’s not a big deal.

I 8
C 8
E 9

The training session was good. Could’ve used a little more intensity during part A, but when it’s rest as needed I tend to get distracted from time to time. The ICE was good during the other 2 pieces though.

I ate 3,549 calories today with a breakdown of 36 C, 34 P, 30 F. I’m still trying to figure out how to get enough carbs in my diet to get that percentage up, I may need to have a carb drink once or twice a day because consuming that many carbs is pretty difficult.

A. Power Snatch – build to 1RM; rest as needed
This went well, had 1 miss at 195, made the 2nd, then 2 misses at 205, but made the 3rd, then 3 very narrow misses at 210 (just couldn’t settle the bar) and that’s where I gave up. I spent nearly 30 minutes for these lifts, so I didn’t feel particularly fatigued at the end and felt good at the start of B. Videos are below:



205(miss 1):

205(miss 2):


210(miss 1):

210(miss 2):

210(miss 3):

B. Power Snatch – 20 reps for time @80% of “A” – Completed @ 165#
This went really well. I missed the 2nd rep probably because I just put the bar in the wrong place, but I felt good on all the others and never felt like I had to rest more than a second to make a good rep. My time was 2:50. Video below:

Rest to full recovery
100 Strict HSPU for time
This was BRUTAL. The first 50 reps went pretty smooth, but once I got there I had to start breaking them into sets of 3 & 2 and then smaller as I got closer to 100. I made the first 50 reps in 4:58 and my total time was 15:55. Video below:

I also went to San Francisco CrossFit in the afternoon to meet with Diane Fu for an hour. The session went great. She taught me a ton about smoothing out my snatch and clean movement and getting more vertical through my second pull instead of the looping head throw movement that I tend to use right now. I did another 50+ snatches for her and made a 195 lb lift that was like butter, it was insane and then we worked on the clean and I worked up to an extremely easy 255. She also gave me an exercise to do every day to strengthen my lower back, 3-4 sets of 30 seconds GHD Superman Holds, working up to 60 seconds each and then adding load to the upper back once I’m comfortable at 60 seconds for 4 rounds.

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