1547-40 Meridian Avenue, San Jose, CA 95125

1547-40 Meridian Avenue, San Jose, CA 95125

DWM Thurs 2/6/14 – Fu Barbell

DWM Thurs 2/6/14 – Fu Barbell

Thurs 2/6/14:
I was a little sore this day, but nothing I couldn’t deal with during some oly lifting.

When I got to San Francisco CrossFit and talked to Diane for a little bit, we decided that I would do a few lifts so she could watch. We would then determine what I need most work on and then go from there. We would then work the push jerk at the end for a few minutes as you requested.

Her initial assessment of me was that I am a powerful athlete and I move well for someone with no formal Oly coaching, but that I’m very “wiley”. She said “each lift is slightly different and you kind of just rip the weight over head and then go catch it while making any adjustments necessary to stick the lift”. She also said “you need to work your positions more and stick in your corners better so that during every lift you know exactly where the bar will be at all times and there’s never any question as to where it’s going to end up”.

I completely agree with her assessment of me and I have felt everything she was seeing, so it was nice to know she had such a good and quick eye for the issues.

From there she decided we were going to work the snatch because the position work would be able to translate to the clean and any flaws would be magnified for her to see and me to feel. The main corrections she made in the 3 positions were: 1. sternum right over bar in the top or power position, I tend to be too far forward with my back to flat. 2. weight in the middle of my feet instead of my heels at the knee position, I tend to be too far back here. 3. Butt lower and chest higher in set-up, this will help me keep my chest higher throughout the lift.

We did a lot of up and down through the different positions with the empty barbell, then 95 lbs, then did some full power snatches & squat snatches up to 135 and all the adjustments felt good.

We spent the final 10 minutes or so on the push jerk. Her corrections here were “move your feet”, I tend to leave my feet under my hips instead of jumping them out to a squat width, and “snap your elbows”, I guess I am lazy with them. These 2 quick cues made a world of difference and I easily made 205 lbs for a double a couple times with no doubt in any of the lifts.

We kind of left it at that for the time being. I’m planning on going back up there in a week or 2 to see her again and work on my clean. I’ll be practicing my positions with a PVC pipe and an empty barbell everyday during my warm up to help me get a better feel.

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