1547-40 Meridian Avenue, San Jose, CA 95125

1547-40 Meridian Avenue, San Jose, CA 95125

DWM Thurs 1/9/14

DWM Thurs 1/9/14

Thurs 1/9/14:
Body felt good this morning, although I think I’m getting another cold. Didn’t feel drained, but had some head congestion and was a little tired. Hopefully I’ll be able to fight this one off faster than the last one, it didn’t hit me as hard right off the bat as the one from a couple weeks ago, so I’m going to just get as much rest as possible. My knee felt really good today, I’d say 90%.

A. Squat Clean x1 + Hang Squat Clean x2 + Front Squat x3 – 5 sets of the complex; rest 3min b/t sets

I wasn’t quite sure what I’d be capable of here, so I just started at 135 and went from there based on feel. The first set wasn’t as easy as I expected so I went to 155 form there. The 155 set was a lot better, so I went to 185. My hand slipped on the 2nd hang power clean at 205 because I didn’t spend the time trying to get the hook grip in before it, but I still made it. The 225 set wasn’t terrible, I think I could get 245 of this complex, maybe more, it’d really depend on the grip or bringing the bar down from my shoulders to my waste for the hang power cleans. Got any advice on how to keep the hook grip in the front rack position or how to get it back before bringing the bar down? My shoulder flexibility isn’t good enough yet to hold the hook grip while the bar is in the front rack, so besides mobility, you got anything?







B. Split Jerk – 1 rep on the 30sec for 12 sets (70% of 1RM) use jerk blocks if you have them – 195 lbs
This was good. My collar bones would be much happier with me if I had some jerk blocks, but we don’t have any. This has been added to my “to buy” list. These felt good. I think my max is much higher than I proved last week, so these kind of felt light. I can see that I need to work on my speed under the bar and also catching the bar lower.


For time
20 Clean & Jerk @ 135
15 HSPU @ 4″ deficit
15 Clean & Jerk @ 135
10 HSPU @ 4″ deficit
10 Clean & Jerk @ 135
5 HSPU @ 4″ deficit
5 Clean & Jerk @ 135

Time – 10:49

I thought this went well. I tried to do chunks of 5 reps the whole way. I feel like I spent a lot of time resting because these sets of 5 took a lot out of me. Not sure if sets of 3 or 4 might have been better, but I’d be interested in trying this one again and breaking up the C&J into smaller sets with shorter rest to see if I could go faster. The touch & go from Clean to Jerk felt great though. The HSPUs were good too, a little more difficult than usual, but with that many jerks before them it wasn’t really surprising, I was actually kind of worried about 30 of these at deficit before I started the WOD.


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