1547-40 Meridian Avenue, San Jose, CA 95125

1547-40 Meridian Avenue, San Jose, CA 95125

DWM Sat 12/14/13 – CMHTD

DWM Sat 12/14/13 – CMHTD

Yesterday was the CrossFit Merced Holiday Throwdown.

Below are my results and comments about each event. There were a total of 60 men that participated.

Event #1 – “Swinging Cindy”
10 Min AMRAP: 7 pull-ups, 7 hand release push ups (toes on box, edge of chest on different box, 7 kettlebell swings 53#)
This event went very well. I did my best to keep a steady pace and not get bothered by what was going on around me.
I completed 12 rounds + 7 pull ups + 7 push ups + 2 kettlebell swings. This was good for 2nd place overall. The guy that got first was actually right next to me and he finished 13 rounds + 7 pull ups.

I think I could’ve gone a little faster and beat him, but he was a heavier guy and I was confident he was going to break eventually and I would pass him if I just stuck to the gameplan, but this didn’t hold true. He ended up finishing outside the top 20 in every other event, so this event must’ve just been right in his wheelhouse. I felt really good for this WOD and was really happy with the job I did sticking to the gameplan and not going out to fast and regretting it. The push ups proved to be the hardest part, mainly because it was hard to breathe when my chest was on the box and I released my hands. I did all rounds of pull ups unrboken, all but 1 round of push ups unbroken and all KB swings unbroken.

Event #2 – WB & DU Ladder
6 MIN AMRAP: 5 WB, 10 DU, 10 WB, 20 DU, 15 WB, 30 DU, 20 WB, 40 DU, 25 WB, 50 DU, 30 WB, 60 DU, etc.
This event also went well and I was very happy. I completed all the way through 30 WBs with about 5 seconds left, but didn’t get to my rope for DUs. I finished 7th in this event. I went unbroken until the 25 WBs and did them 15-10. Then I did the 50 DUs 30-20. Then I did the 30 WBs unbroken.

The top score in this event included 48 of the 60 DUs, so I wasn’t too far behind. If I had got 1 DU, I would’ve tied for 6th, so I those two short rests definitely hurt me, but I was still happy.

Event #3 – Sled Pull (floater WOD)
For time: Pull a prowler loaded with 120#, 100 feet pulling a rope hand over hand
I did very poorly on this event, 32nd, and I’m not exactly sure why. My time was 23.9 seconds. The top time was 17.3 seconds. The reason I say “I’m not exactly sure why” is because I kept my weight low, eye on the rope and kept the sled moving hand over hand at what I thought was a fast pace. I watched most of the guys complete this event and it appeared that this was definitely an event that was skewed toward the taller athlete. I think the longer arms helped a lot, but I was still not happy with my performance. This is kind of a gimmick event, but I still need to do better.

Event #4 & 5 – Row 2k & 1RM Snatch
14 Minute Clock – For Time: Row 2k THEN establish 1RM Snatch
I was happy with how I did on this event also, but not ecstatic. I rowed a 7:03.2 and was very satisfied with that considering I rowed a 7:03 at my gym this other day with nothing to do after it and doing it fresh. The row was good for 17th. First place was 6:35.7. The top 13 times were sub-7 minutes.
On the snatch, I started at 135 just to get one under my belt, it went up easy. I then went to 165, it went up pretty easy too. Then I went to 185 and I made this one pretty easily also. I then went to 205 and missed it 5 different times. The 3rd attempt it was out in front of me a little bit, and I was standing it up, but one of the judges was in my way and I had to dump it so I didn’t kill him if I wasn’t able to secure it. There was not very much space for the lift, which was unfortunate, but who cares, everyone had to deal with the same circumstances. The last 2 attempts at 205 I got pretty damn close, missed one in front of me, and then missed on behind me while trying to stand it up. The 185# that I made was tied for 24th. If I had made the 205, I would’ve been tied for 12th on that event, so I’m happy I went for it. If I had dropped down to 195 and made it I would’ve only tied for 22nd, so it really wouldn’t have been worth it.

Final Results: I finished the event tied for 10th place overall. My goal for the weekend was to finish in the top 10, so I was happy with this. If I had made that 205# snatch, I would’ve finished 7th overall, so that’s even more encouraging.

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