1547-40 Meridian Avenue, San Jose, CA 95125

1547-40 Meridian Avenue, San Jose, CA 95125

DWM Mon 6/2/14

DWM Mon 6/2/14

Mon 6/2/14:
Felt great this morning, totally motivated after watching the regionals this weekend. I got my training partner back today too, which I think will help me a lot going forward. My body felt good this morning, nothing really to report.

A. Power Clean – build to 1RM; rest as needed
This went the best it’s ever gone for me with power cleans. I don’t know if it was having someone there to push with our I was just feeling it today with all the strength work we’ve been doing, but I was on. The weight felt easy all the way up until the lift at 265, but that didn’t feel terrible either. I took videos at 225, 245, 255, 265 & 275. The last lift at 275 might’ve been a pinch below parallel, but it definitely would be a no-rep squat clean, so I’m going to go ahead and count it. The videos are below:





B. Power Clean – 8min AMRAP @ 90% of “”A””
This one sucked, just like it always does. I think I pushed too quickly at the beginning and it ended up biting me in the ass. I didn’t really settle down after my first miss that jacked my elbow and wrist until about minute 4 where I started to kind of figure out what pacing I needed. I did this work at 250 lbs though, which was my previous 1RM power clean PR, so I guess making 15 lifts in 8 minutes with 4 close misses is pretty good if you look at it that way. I got the chiro to fix my elbow and wrist this afternoon, so I should be fine by tomorrow. Video below:

Row – 2000m for time
This also sucked as always, but I thought I did pretty good considering my right hamstring started tightening up in the first 500m and I kept a steady pace the rest of the way. I think I could’ve turned on the jets a little sooner (I went for it with 150m left, maybe should’ve gone at 250m), but I didn’t think my time of 7:03.8 was terrible considering all the power cleans that I had just done and the tightness in my hamstring early. Video below:

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