1547-40 Meridian Avenue, San Jose, CA 95125

1547-40 Meridian Avenue, San Jose, CA 95125

DWM Mon 12/22/14

DWM Mon 12/22/14

Mon 12/22/14:
Slept about 9 hours on Saturday night + Sunday and then about 6.5 hours last night. Going to try to get another hour nap today between training sessions. I feel pretty good this morning.

I 10
C 10
E 10

Good session, EMOM went well with good C&J’s & Muscle-Ups.

A. KB 1arm 8″ Deficit Deadlift @4021 tempo – 3 x 10-12 ea arm; rest 45sec b/t arms (set-up w/ KB b/t legs, build)

Did all 3 sets at 60 lbs. Back got pretty darn tight in the 3rd round, so I did sets of 10 instead of 12. Video below:

EMOM for 18min
Odd – 3 Clean & Jerk @ 205#
Even – 4 Muscle-ups

This was good again. I started to really get comfortable with the C&J about halfway through. The muscle-ups weren’t much of a problem, really happy with the progress. Didn’t miss any reps. Video below:


I 10
C  10
E 10
This session was great too. My buddy Danny is back from LA for the holidays and he always pushes me, good to have him there for the ICE in the afternoon.

5 Rounds for time:
15 Deadlift @ 155#
15 Box Jumps @ 24″
This went really well. I would’ve liked to go unbroken, but I was happy to finish under 5 minutes. Time was 4:52. Video below:

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