1547-40 Meridian Avenue, San Jose, CA 95125

1547-40 Meridian Avenue, San Jose, CA 95125

DWM Mon 1/20/14

DWM Mon 1/20/14

Mon 1/20/14:
Slept well last night minus the nightmares of Kaepernick throwing an interception to lose the game yesterday. But in all seriousness, my body was really sore on Saturday, better Sunday and felt completely recovered today.

A. Snatch Pull x2 + Hng Snatch x1 – 6 sets of the complex; rest 3min (build)
I’ve never done snatch pulls, so this was a little interesting for me, I wasn’t quite sure how high or how to go about doing this. I watched a few videos and did my best, but I feel like the bar was getting a little away from me and I might’ve been going too hard on these. Worked up to 205 and barely missed the catch on the hang snatch. Just needed to relax in the bottom and then stand it up. I went for it a second time, but my hand slipped during the pull, so I just shut it down and moved on knowing that I can make it in the future.






205 (Fail):

B. OHS – build to 3RM in 4-5 sets (from rack); rest as needed
This went really well. I haven’t gone for a 3RM OHS in something like 6 months, so I was pretty happy with how it turned out. I worked up and made 275 for 3 reps. I skipped 285 because 275 felt really good and I went straight for 295. I made 1 rep and was on my way up on the second rep when I just lost the handle. It felt really shaky in my shoulders and I think I needed to just punch up more and lock my core down even tighter. My legs were still feeling good even at 295 lbs.





295 (1.5 reps):

C. Muscle-up – 3 UB Reps every 40sec for 12 sets
These felt the best of any muscle-ups I’ve done in my life. After the first 2 or 3 rounds I went to a pull up grip instead of the false grip and it worked well. I’m really liking my progress in the muscle up department and I’d be curious to try 13.3 again, I think I might be able to get all 30 muscle ups now. Video below:

D. Wtd. Pull-up – build to 5RM in 4-5 sets; rest as needed
These went well and I finished at 70 lbs. I wasn’t sure if these were supposed to be strict or if I was allowed to give it a little kip, so the last 2 reps of the 70 lbs had some help.





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