1547-40 Meridian Avenue, San Jose, CA 95125

1547-40 Meridian Avenue, San Jose, CA 95125

DWM Fri 11/28/14

DWM Fri 11/28/14

Fri 11/28/14:
Feeling a little heavy & sluggish after Thanksgiving, but not terrible.

I 8
C 8
E 10

My back acted up during the front leg split squats & I had to roll out my glutes for about 10 minutes. The MUs could’ve used a little more intensity, I think I was holding back because I didn’t want to burn out. I’m still looking for some confidence in my fatigued MU ability.

A. Muscle-up – 30 reps for time (break however will guarantee the fastest result)
The result here was better than my last attempt, but still longer than my PR. I finished in 5:25 (previous was 5:56 & PR is 5:00). I think I should’ve gone to singles sooner than I did and I wasted a lot of time between 2:30 & 5:00 waiting to make sure I could hit a double. My movement still feels like it’s getting better though and considering I’m about 20 lbs heavier than my PR, this isn’t so bad. I know it needs to get better, but it feels good to be headed in the right direction. Video below:

B. Front Squat @4040 tempo w/ miniband above knees – 5 x 5 @ 65%; rest 90sec
Completed these at 205. Nothing major to report, just plugged away and completed them. Video below:
Set 1:

Set 2:

Set 3:

Set 4:

Set 5:

C. BB Back Rack Split Squat w/ valgus band on front leg – 3 x 12; rest 45sec b/t legs
Upped the weight again this week here, now hitting them at 135. They’re now noticeably harder and my back locked up for the 3rd round. I had to take a big break and roll out my glutes with a lacrosse ball, but I got it to go away. I probably should’ve spent more time mobilizing before I started working out, especially because I was kind of tight still from the Deadlift + Burpee over Bar WOD on Wednesday. Video below:

D. BB Back Rack Split Squat w/ valgus band on rear leg – 3 x 12; rest 45sec b/t legs
Did these at 135 also. My back felt fine here after I loosened it up with the lacrosse ball. Video below:

E. Single-leg Glute Bridge – 3 x 12 ea leg; rest 45sec b/t legs (hold top for 3sec)
These were hard, but I didn’t cramp this time. Not much to report, video below:

7min AMRAP @ max effort
7 Thrusters @ 95#
28 Double-unders
This was a fun one. I got to do it in my garage and I love it when I have an opportunity to do that. It doesn’t really lend itself to double-unders (kinda cramped), but I made it work. My score was exactly 8 rounds. I felt really good throughout minus a few trip ups on the DUs, but I think in the box I can clean those up if I’m not so worried about my surroundings and I might be able to get 8-1/2 or 9 rounds at best. Video is below:

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