1547-40 Meridian Avenue, San Jose, CA 95125

1547-40 Meridian Avenue, San Jose, CA 95125

Day: January 27, 2014

Tues 1/28/14

Tues 1/28/14:
Back Squat 5-5-5-5-5
For time:
20 Back Squats, 80% of 5RM

DWM – The Fittest Games 2014

Besides being freezing cold on day 1, I don’t have a lot to report about how I felt or any general info. I was definitely a little nervous, but I slept well the night before and my body felt good going into the event. We went to Whole Foods both mornings and got a hot breakfast instead of going to the restaurant inside the hotel, which I think turned out to be a great idea because I got to get exactly what I needed/wanted to eat, quickly, without dealing with a ton of other athletes and a waiter. It also gave me some time to focus in a quiet environment.

I wore a green shirt on Friday (first 3 videos). I wore a grey shirt on Saturday (4th video, I’m a little ways away from the camera, but centered in the frame).

WOD #1: Ups & Downs
5-10-15-20-25 Pull Ups
5-4-3-2-1 Front Squats (Choose a weight 155, 185, 225, 245 or 275)
Scored as 2 events, 1 for weight moved, 1 for time.
Time: 4:00.22 (15th)
Weight: 3375 (33rd)

This WOD went pretty darn well. The 225 lbs felt good in my warm up, so I decided it was the way to go, especially after I saw 1 of the first heats and 7 or the 10 guys in the heat were going with 245 or 275. I broke the pull up rounds of 20 (10-5-5) & 25 (5-5-5-5-3-2). Both of those rounds of pull ups were difficult, but not too bad. I got 1 no-rep during the round of 25, but I hung onto the bar and was able to do a 6th rep without a problem. The front squats were not bad at all either. The place I lost some time and left some points on the board was the very last squat clean. I didn’t realize how tired my back actually was until I couldn’t pull the bar at all. I missed 2 squat cleans, then hung out of about 10 seconds and gathered myself and then made the last rep.

I was happy with this performance minus the 2 missed reps at the end. However, there is no way I would’ve been able to go up to 245 and do this workout in anywhere near the same amount of time and if I went with a lighter weight I would’ve lost more spots in the weight category than I could’ve gained in the time category, so I think 225 was the perfect choice.

WOD #2 – Gas Mask v.2
30 burpees over ballistic block
50 ft. walking lunge 70#
300 ft. shuttle run
50 double unders
30 ft. shuttle run
50 ft. walking lunge
30 burpees over ballistic block
Time: 7:07 (10th)

This WOD went well, but I know I could’ve done better. My plan was to not get too carried away on the first set of 30 burpees because I knew some guys would and to keep a steady pace throughout the workout, trying to never stop to rest. The first 30 burpees were smooth, the jump over the block definitely made them harder than I anticipated, but not terrible. Then came the first set of lunges. I am not quite sure what was going through my mind when I dropped the plates after the first 25 feet, but this was a bad idea. They were hard to pick up and I knew I needed to make my move on the lunges, but I think the burpees took more out of me than I expected and I needed a rest. I finished those off just fine once I got the plates back over my head and then on to the shuttle run. I definitely could’ve run faster if the set up was better, but there were about 10 things you could trip over in this run, so I took it slow. I think did the DUs unbroken, ran again, didn’t set the plates down on the second lunge and just never stopped on the final 30 burpees. I think the 2nd half of this WOD went better than the first half. If I could do it all over again I think I could shave 30 seconds to 1 minute. No real limiting factor on this WOD, just a small mental mistake.

WOD #3 – Tight Rope
10 Heavy rope singles
5 T2B
10 Heavy rope singles
10 T2B
10 Heavy rope singles
15 T2B
10 Heavy rope singles
20 T2B
10 Heavy rope singles
30 T2B
Score: 155 (8th)

This WOD went extremely well. I missed a couple of the heavy rope singles, which cost me 5 or 10 seconds, but they weren’t too difficult and I think doing them slowly helped me on the T2B. I went unbroken through the 15 T2B, then I did 10-5-5 on the 20, sets of 5 during the 25 & sets of 3 during the 30. I got up to 20 reps with 1 no-rep during the round of 30. During the round of 25 I started to feel my obliques and my abs really start to light up. The sets of 5 were difficult and the sets of 3 during the next round were even harder. My grip didn’t come into play, which I was very happy with.

WOD #4 – Efficiency
5 Rounds w/ 130 lb Axle Bar:
9 Deadlifts
6 Hang Power Cleans
3 Shoulder to Overhead

I tried to take the same approach here as I did on the other 3 events, just keep a steady pace and you’ll end up passing the guys that try to go to fast out of the gate. I think in this WOD this might have hurt me. I did as we talked, 8 DLs with mixed grip, then the 9th rep normal grip and straight into the HPCs. During round 3 I started to really feel my forearms light up and my grip start to go so I began to drop the bar after every single deadlift. This seemed to help, but since I had started at a moderate pace, I think this was costing me time that I didn’t have to lose. In round 4 I lost the 6th HPC because of my grip, so I had to go get the bar off the ground, which ate up a little more time. If I had to do this one again I would’ve gone much faster out of the gate, still utilizing the grip technique we talked about, but trying to crank out reps faster because my heart rate and breathing never slowed me down, just holding the bar. I would then take a little more time between rounds to shake out my hands and let my grip recover. I think this would make me faster. This one was a little frustrating because the bar never felt heavy at all, but you live and you learn. I did just enough to get into the final, so I guess I shouldn’t be complaining.

WOD #5 – The Final
60 DUs
30 single arm DB snatches 70#
20 lateral wall balls 30#
10 burpee box jumps 30″
Run 100 ft. to a box
Top 8 guys move on
I finished 9th.

I think I might have made the same mistake during this WOD as I did during #4. I didn’t realize how fast this WOD was actually going to go down and I wasn’t in as much of a hurry as I probably should have been. I did the DUs unbroken and I was last to the snatch. I then did the DB snatches unbroken, these were not easy, but I knew I just had to keep going and I was still last to the Wall Ball. This is where I ran into trouble. When I warmed up and tried a few of these out, they felt very easy, but after the DUs and the snatches, this was very difficult. The throw over the pull up bar was the easy part, the catch and the squat were the hard part. I did the first 10 pretty quickly, just a few small break with the ball in my hands, but reps 11 through 20 I did in sets of 2 & 3, which was not good. I passed 1 guy and was in 9th going into the burpees, but I couldn’t make up enough ground. I was on rep 8 when the 8th guy finished the chipper.

There is no video of this WOD because they had us at 1 rig that was separate from the rig where parts 2 & 3 of the final were going to occur. Kelly had a spot to film if I made it through the first phase, but I didn’t make it that far.

Final notes and thoughts from the weekend:
These will probably be all over the place, but their just things I thought about, observed, learned or had opinions about.

I took that endurance drink each day and I liked it. I did end up eating 1 perfect foods bar with it between events, but I never felt zapped of energy or overly full either. I will take this again for the next week in a few weeks.

I am very good at pacing workouts, but I need to evaluate how long a WOD is going to take ahead of time and sometimes need to get out of the gate quicker. If the WOD is going to be in the 3 to 4 minute range, I need to go harder during the first minute so I don’t get behind.

After each event we left the venue and went back to our hotel room to hang out. The breaks were 2+ hours and our hotel was less than 10 minutes walk away, so this worked out well. We did it initially to get out of the cold, but I ended wanting to get away from all the people and the noise. I will look to find a quiet place that I can escape during future comps.

I thought the time cap on the chipper and then pull-up/front squat WODs were too long. It didn’t punish the guys that couldn’t move for an extended period (chipper) or the ones that chose a weight heavier than they should have (FS/PU).

I need a little work on knowing when/how much to rest for my muscles to recover. I thought this was evident when I missed 2 squat cleans and also during the T2B. I thought I rushed the squat clean, but I might not have pushed hard enough at the end of the T2B because 1 or 2 more reps here would’ve jumped a handful of people.

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